Choosing To Complete My Education

Understanding Options In The IT Degree Field

Information Technology (IT)--similar, but not always the same as Computer Science (CS)--has deep and wide possibilities in today's economy as a money-maker, a meaningful and fruitful passion, and as a safe harbor for people who don't know what they want to do. Deep engineering, focused research, smart business, easily hyped sales, and support in high demand can deliver not only a ton of jobs in the IT field but heavy assistance in your true passion or a way to stay afloat until you find a true passion. Here's an overview of the IT industry's ability to bring something for everyone looking for a meaningful degree:

Undeclared? Get Better At Computers!

The world is full of choices, and that can make settling on any path a bit difficult. Whether you're overwhelmed by choice or just don't really care about what you do as long as you can make a living, until there's a major change in the tech industry, increasing your computer skills is a surefire way to stay relevant in the job market.

You don't need passion to learn how to type faster. You don't need to care about programming to troubleshoot software, and you don't need to settle into IT to figure out a few hardware replacement techniques. All of these tasks can be picked up and immediately useful if you ever plan on using a computer, and unless you plan on living in the wilderness in the near future, it will always have some use.

Being able to service your own machine is its own earning opportunity. If you plan on working at whatever odd jobs are out there, you may not realize that the computer world has its own world of odd jobs without enough people to fill the positions.

Is warehouse work a backup? Warehouses need people to install, organize, or scan RFID tags. They also need people to repair and maintain different scanners, computers, and consoles at a higher pay rate than most of the people working on the warehouse floor.

Do you like to travel? Field technicians can visit different clients for various repairs without settling down in a specific office. It's great if you don't want to be stuck with the same people.

Then there's the IT industry in general. You can work through entry level, experienced, and even senior tech positions by simply getting better at your job without investing much more beyond your degree. Certifications and deeper knowledge are necessary to lead and certainly get a lot more money, but there's always a need for a competent worker who knows their way around a computer.

Deep Tech That Changes The World

Do you want to do more than just go to work and pull a paycheck? Do you love tech or love what tech can do for (or to) the world? The IT and CS fields are still in their infancy, and there's always room for new innovation and passion.

Many companies are looking for people who spend day and night looking up new topics, performing research, and implementing new technology. While there are certainly people who have a natural talent for tech, the top and competent parts of the field are still lacking in numbers, and your passion can be met with guidance and proper training.

If you don't know how to bring change to the tech industry, just watch people use computers, the internet, or other technology. 

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Choosing To Complete My Education

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