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3 Things To Know About Forklift Training

Forklift operators are in demand in warehouses, construction sites, factories, and storage facilities across the country. Forklift operators operate forklift trucks, pallet trucks, and other similar machinery in addition to other job duties. The average salary for a forklift operator is around $15 per hour to start with and goes up to around $20 per hour for experienced drivers. Becoming a forklift operator is something that many people are interested in. However, it does require some training. Here are a few things to know about forklift training:

No Required Post-Secondary Education

When it comes to being a forklift operator, post-secondary education is not a requirement. In terms of education, a high school diploma or a GED are preferred by most employers of forklift operators. There are no formal educational requirements for operating forklifts. On-the-job training and working under an experienced forklift operator is the most common path for becoming a forklift operator. Learning the basics of the job as well as the best safety practices are something that many forklift operators learn from their mentors. Many companies also have their own formalized process for training new forklift operators. 

Certification Is Available And Affordable

While taking a certification course on your own is not a requirement for many employers, these courses are available and affordable. Online forklift certification courses cost between $50 and $200, while in-person certification courses cost around $200. While these certifications can be useful for those trying to break into the field, a lot of employers offer their own in-house certification programs. These programs focus on operating the machinery and safety procedures. If hazardous materials are being moved by the forklift, additional training may also be offered by the employer.

No Driver's License Required

Another thing to know about forklift training is that a driver's license is not a requirement. This may come as a surprise to some, but driving an automobile and driving a forklift require different skill sets. The most important thing is that a forklift operator is trained to operate the equipment safely and effectively. Any training done through an employer or outside of an employer should also be OSHA compliant. For those completing a forklift training course on their own, it's important to see if the training meets OSHA standards.

Forklifts are used in workplaces throughout the country and are essential for many business's day to day operations. Becoming a forklift operator can be a great career move. Forklift training does not require any post-secondary education. There are online and in-person forklift certifications that are available, but many employers will handle training and certification in-house. It's also important to note that no driver's license is required for forklift training.

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