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Fun Ways To Learn To Speak Like A Native English Speaker

When learning any language, you will begin by learning a formal version of that language. But eventually, you may want to communicate like a native English speaker in order to connect with others with social ease. This will require that you learn how to speak like a native speaker and will require that you move beyond instructional materials that are designed specifically for learning English.

Read What Natural English Speakers Write

Textbooks are great for getting started as you learn English, but to be able to communicate like a native English speaker, you will eventually need to read texts that are written by native speakers. This can include reading English newspapers, reading a novel written in English or even spending time communicating with English speakers online.

Listen To Music

Listen to music that is in English. Rhythm and rhymes can stimulate the brain and make it easier to learn. Also, by hearing lyrics repetitively, you will learn how to pronounce them. Given that songs communicate on an emotional level and use figurative language, you may also learn the more subtle aspects of the language.

Watch A Film In English

Watching a film in English can help because the context will likely be more clear given the visual component of a film. You will learn the nonverbal context, such as the facial expressions and hand gestures. Films are also an entertaining way to learn a language because you will receive the reward of being able to enjoy a film while understanding the original context. Often, when a movie is translated into a different language, much of the meaning is lost and can only be regained as you learn English. 

Find Little Ways To Practice

It is more effective to learn English by finding little ways to practice English everyday than it is to spend a longer period of time practicing English once a week or so. For example, when reading an instruction manual, you may read a version that is in English, rather than in your native language. You may try to understand text without using a translator. Little things like this will allow you to practice and improve your natural English reading and writing abilities.

If you are still struggling to speak English like a native English speaker, it is a good idea to take a few ESL classes from institutions like the Interactive College Of Technology. This is especially useful if you are learning English in order to take a specific test in order to demonstrate your proficiency. 

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