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Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Student Research

If you are applying for medical school, you likely want everything possible to pad your application. After all, you want to stand out in a sea of other qualified applicants. Of course, you might also still have many questions about seeking out and fulfilling medical research. This guide will answer some common questions students have before embarking on research options.

How Can You Find Medical Research Opportunities?

Opportunities for student medical research experience are often readily available if you know who to ask and where to look. The first step is often to find a professor you enjoy working with and discuss any special research in the department. You might discover a position is available this way, or by talking about options with your pre-med or college advisor at the school.

Other times, school departments will list their current research opportunities. Some universities offer research opportunities over the summer months. You might need to apply for these positions early, so don't delay in completing the initial leg work.

In some cases, students even take time off school to make research their main priority before applying for med school. This gap year allows you to gain some helpful experience.

Finally, just make sure to network. You should strive to build a social presence among professionals in your industry so that you have more access to research opportunities.

What Kind of Medical Research Impresses Med School?

The type of research you perform should depend on the focus area you enjoy, but working in a lab is sure to help you stand out amongst your peers. Though of course, social science and clinical research in general are not going to prevent you from finding med school success. If you are applying for a research-based school, make sure that you can demonstrate your ability to work well in a laboratory setting.

How Can You Choose the Right Medical Research Opportunity?

The right medical research opportunity should speak to your interests. In fact, your research experience does not necessarily need to be in biology or medicine in order to impress a medical school. Your passion in public health, anthropology, social sciences, or forensics could also lead to a coveted spot in school.

Additionally, the right project is one that makes you feel that you have some ownership over it. Demonstrate a leadership role whenever possible.

Finally, make sure to work with a mentor you trust. Finding a solid team can help give you the structure you need to work toward a valuable education and experience in medical research.

When you demonstrate that you have been involved in medical research, you demonstrate that you are highly invested in the industry and your own education. You also show that you are ready for all the difficulties that lie ahead in your medical career.

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