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What Should You Do After Accounting School? Uncommon Jobs You Might Not Have Thought Of

What types of jobs do accounting school grads qualify for? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2018 there were more than 1.4 million accounting jobs in the United States. If you're ready to join this growing workforce, take a look at the lesser-known (but still profitable) employment options.

Retail Stores

Large retail companies and chains have significant accounting needs. With millions of dollars in annual sales, paychecks, and inventory, retailers need accountants to handle the flow of money in and out of the stores. While you won't work on the floor of a store, this corporate job is an option for a professional who enjoys fashion, food, or anything else retailers sell.

Charity Nonprofit Organizations

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to make a change in children's lives? Whether you're driven to help the planet, children, animals, or anyone/anything else, nonprofit organizations provide you with a way to make a difference—through accounting. You'll help the organization stay on track financial, manage bookkeeping activities, or complete other similar finance-related tasks.

Arts Organizations

Like charities, arts organizations are also typically nonprofits. Even though you may think of the arts as museums, galleries, and other visual arts institutions, this category of nonprofit also includes theaters, dance companies, orchestras, operas, and other performance-based organizations. These nonprofits also need accountants to help with taxes, payroll, and bookkeeping.

Entertainment Companies

Do you enjoy movies or music? Entertainment is a billion-dollar industry—and the companies behind the blockbusters need someone to keep track of the cash flow. If you're a creative individual who enjoys working around artists, this type of corporate career is for you. Along with producers or production companies, individual artists (actors, singers, and musicians) need their own accountants.

Government Jobs

While there are plenty of corporate accounting jobs, some professionals choose to work for the government. Accountants and bookkeepers can find government employment through a variety of agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Customs and Border Protection, as well as individual states.


Do you want to set your own hours, choose your own clients, and be your own boss? According to the BLS, seven percent of accounting professionals are self-employed. Some self-employed accountants start their own firms. But this doesn't mean you have to. You can also freelance or accept contract work. These flexible options are ideal for working parents or a professional who has returned to school.

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